Why Destination Weddings?

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Why Destination Weddings?

Why Destination Weddings?

Living the Dream- Destination Weddings

They say marriages are built in heaven then why not built a heaven on earth by choosing a perfect destination for your dreamy wedding.A pre planned destination wedding is a unique idea involving family and friends and a few handful number of guests. It could be ideal for reunion

s and family bonding whether it’s a world-class beach front resort or an amazing cruise adventure. Here is why your wedding needs a destination

This is a Lifetime Experience:
Imagine your big day being held amidst the breathtaking views! A wedding is the best time to experience love and new things. It could be a dream turned into a reality that could leave a stronger and lasting impact especially on those who have wanderlust.

5 Best Countries for Destination Weddings By Evento

It’s Budget Friendly:
Unlike traditional weddings, these destination weddings are affordable and cost effective. Talk about arranging a typical wedding for an average of 150 guests with a much greater cost than getting married and enjoying a long week honeymoon on a dream destination comparatively at a low cost.

Easy to Go:
A planned wedding is always the best wedding. Let your wedding planner handle all the arrangements while you look forward to the wedding bells. Even if you’re planning to do it yourself then an early start is a better option. Either way, hiring a good wedding planner and opting for the suitable wedding packages is worth all the time and money.

Perfect For Few:
Couples might prefer a less expensive and a much simpler wedding than just pulling off a lavish one with as many guests as possible. Destination weddings give you a reason to invite close relatives and friends and if you admire quality and not quantity then destination weddings is the way to go!

Strengthening Bonds all the way:
Chances are if the couple is getting married for the second time and already have kids or if both their families require some quality time together then their destination wedding in a distant land will definitely bring them closer with some solid bonding as sharing and cherishing the most memorable time of your life with your loved ones is what makes the wedding a destined one.

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