Mehndi Celebrations in Pakistan

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Mehndi Celebrations in Pakistan

Mehndi Celebrations in Pakistan

Pakistani Mehndi and Mayon

Mehndi (Mayon) ceremony typically takes place one or two days prior to the Wedding event. The families of bride and groom gather’s symbolically to place henna on bride & grooms hands. This is the most happening, colorful & joyful event from rest of the wedding events. All the youngsters love this event because mostly dhoom dhadaka & acting performances are a part of this ceremony Elaborated dance sequences and competitions between the bride and groom’s families are also quite common these days . Traditionally, the Mehndi was considered a women’s event and men did not participate in it . However, this has changed substantially in recent times with males featuring prominently in the Mehndi celebrations as well.

There are many themes for Mehndi ceremony, Bollywood, Truck-Ada & Moroccan are few famous among them. Thematic Panaflex, Cut-outs, backdrops & photo booth are designed for the perfect ambiance. Flower plays the important role wether its a stage or entrance they make the event lively. A colorful farshi is must and it attracts the guest most.


  • Hire an event planner so you can enjoy your family event with hassle free services.
  • Choose a theme for decoration, outfit and ambiances.
  • A pre planned entry according to theme will make the start memorable.
  • Plan different attractive musical games such as antakshiri or siapa.
  • Photo booth should be placed with autograph wall.
  • It’s preferred to give at least a day gap between Mehndi and Wedding ceremony, because it’s an over night event.
  • Late night live singing performance will make the event more entertaining.
  • Hire professional choreographer for dance performances and a thematic dance floor with a good DJ is must.
  • Food street for kids and BBQ items for adults will make the dinner yummylicious.