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Corporate Event Planning Services

If a new launch or a big milestone is ahead of your business, let us take the opportunity to tell you that Evento is the most dependable corporate event planners for multinational businesses. After managing electrifying events like concerts, brand launchings and annual dinners, our pool of resources may attend to need of branding, marketing and promotion of your next big thing.

We give full liberty to the ideas of clients and do our best to execute them as smartly and realistically as possible. We strive to add value to our service, providing cohesive corporate event planning while outlining your event strategy. Handling one event at a time help Evento’s full resources towards exceptional and well focused event management.

1- Corporate Dinners 2- Thematic Launching 3- Out-Door Branding 4- Award Ceremonies 5- Conferences and Trainings 6- Branding and BTL Activities 7- Corporate Parties & Picnics 8- Musical Nights 9- Exhibitions 10- Marketing Consultancy 11- Seminars

Evento takes the pride to achieve extra ordinary confidence and sincerity of its corporate clients who schedule with us immediately when there is an event coming up. This trust has build up between the team Evento and clients due to our continuous devotion, creative ideas, better communication and strong co-operative environment we provide to our clients.