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It is not about great photography, neither about being in the news highlights or receiving maximum wows from the guests attending the event. In fact, for two people, this is the day and this has to be the day which a couple will remember for the rest of their life. Traditional or modern,in anyway a couple chooses to celebrate their big day, Evento believes in their fantasies and makes them closer to possibilities.

In our 10 years expedition of event planning, Evento has managed to bring together wedding ceremonies so magnificent, that those moments still bring smiles to our client couples and their families. And this is how Pakistani weddings became Evento’s forte.

Evento is one of the few event wedding planners of Pakistan, offering a variety of wedding event themes. For traditional mehndi, revels of Barat and Valima, our doors are opened for you with unique ideas and high team spirits in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Decorations create an environment and Evento specializes in setup designing. Working with the most competent and artistic set designers of Pakistan, we work to create a design that turns the pleasant mode on for every guest attending the wedding.

What Pakistani wedding is incomplete without is, Good Food. Evento offers the opportunity of selecting from the variety of food menus, prepared under the supervision of the most experienced and renowned chefs of Pakistan.

Covering for you every important and time taking activity for the getting married families, Evento will have the answer to your every quest, from venue to menu.

1- Live event transmission

2- Online and SMS invitations

3- Wedding cards designing

Elevating standards in the metropolitan city create a challenging environment in the event planning industry of Karachi. Yet, Evento accepts the challenge of satisfying Karachiates by providing the newest, best and at the fastest speeds. To match the never going down spirits of our clients from Karachi, we arrange a number of planning sessions between the hosts and our understanding and talented professionals.

Big or small, the reason might be but people of Lahore never miss a single chance to celebrate. To match their upbeat quests to make it powerfully different every time keeps the heads of our creative team joined for every single project, we do. Lahore is bold at embracing different themes which made us include different themes in our wedding plans.

The peaceful Islamabad does not want to stay quiet when there is wedding in the family. Creating a balance between sophistication and traditional festivities is what team Evento learned from Islamabad.Tell us to make possible anything in the capital of Pakistan and we will bring your fantasies to reality.

Nothing ordinary about what we will include in regulars for you. But a complete set of package makes the decisions easier for clients with shorter deadlines. The options in the regulars are wide and you may select from number of glossy decorations that we offer to make your wedding memorable.

Designer Decoration
More specific, serving every single detail of a couple’s choice, designer decorations are specialized to meet the high standards of couples. The designer decorations may follow any theme in your mind and may include expert additives that will enhance the overall impression of the event. The most picked themes with us are:
1- Black and gold theme
2- Glamorous theme
3- Arabic theme
4- Winter theme
5- Mexican Theme

Specials of Mehndi
South Asian wedding associates lots of emotional attachment to a pre wedding event called Mehndi. Mehndi is the first impression of how excited the family is about the wedding and how great they are going to celebrate it. For all generations in one family, Mehndi is the day when they get together and find a connection in their feelings. Evento by offering thrilling activites like dandia dance and Dj sound system gives true life to the event.